Mark Gonzales

Age 50, New York City USA

Sponsors: Krooked, adidas, Spitfire, Independent, Supreme, Pro-Tec, Bones Bearings

Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales operates only within his own world. Either you follow and get it, or you don’t. Your choice doesn’t matter much to him, and you never know where you’re going to see "The Gonz" next. Mark may be creating artwork in Paris, visiting friends back home in California, or skating down the street from his apartment in NYC. Mark’s influence in skateboarding is unparalleled. There is no comparison. He was inventing tricks in the late 80’s on handrails before most skaters were figuring out how to ollie up curbs. Mark’s innovation continues to be the backbone of skateboarding, and his artwork is showcased and associated with leading brands on a global scale. You can’t escape The Gonz, so just sit back, appreciate his genius, and let the influence continue for another 30 years.

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