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Paul Rodriguez


The impact and legacy left by Paul Rodriguez will be felt by skateboarding long after his time on board is over. After being discovered at an early age, Paul went pro for City Stars Skateboards before spending time on the superstar-heavy teams at Girl and Plan B. Actually, to call “P-Rod” a superstar doesn’t even do him justice, since he has spent the last 15+ years as the face of the Nike SB program. After establishing himself as a top pro with progressive video parts, multiple pro-model shoes, and countless podium finishes at the biggest contests, Paul decided to start a “super team” of his own, creating Primitive Skateboards in 2014. While still maintaining his abilities on a skateboard, Paul is currently following in the footsteps of his father by appearing in movies and television, most recently in the Netflix series “Selena." When not skating, Paul loves hanging out with his daughter, and likes to unwind with a fresh cigar and a strong coffee.

Primitive, Nike SB, Venture, JSLV

Age 38 from Los Angeles, CA, USA




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