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Brandon James


New York City is known as “the city that never sleeps” because of skaters like Brandon James. Whether it’s fashion, music, technology, or skateboarding, Brandon is always on the go looking for his next big move. His inability to remain stagnant comes from being an only child and always finding a way to stay entertained while his single mother was at work making ends meet. Growing up in the Bronx means learning fast. Brandon quickly figured out that he wasn’t interested in street life at a young age. He grabbed a skateboard and sewing needle instead, and the fruits of his labor can now be seen by the support he receives from both DC Shoes and Palace Skateboards, as well as the launch of his Olyympian Clothing brand in 2020. In true New York fashion, Brandon doesn’t have hobbies, he has hustles. In his spare time, he hosts parties in the city, designs and sells tech packs, and works on designs for the next Olyympian drop that is sure to make his neighborhood proud.

DC, Palace, Bronze56k, Harold Hunter Foundation, Independent, Pangea Jeans

Age 24 from Bronx, NY, Jamaica



Mean Streets v.15 | Raw New York City Street Skating


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