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Brighton Zeuner


Brighton Zeuner was put on this earth to ride a skateboard. She started at age four, was competing by age eight, and in 2016, at age 12, she was crowned the inaugural Vans Park Series World Champion. Add in back-to-back X Games gold medals in 2017-18 and what you get is a young skater with a one-way ticket to greatness. Like most girls her age, Brighton is really into fashion. Unlike most girls her age, she stays busy ravaging thrift stores with her brother Jack, looking for vintage gear to inspire and compliment her signature lines from Vans. As a member of the inaugural USA Women’s Skateboarding Team, Brighton’s eyes are currently focused on Tokyo and the 2021 Olympics. After the games, the possibilities for this teen phenom are endless, with a focus on skateboarding and fashion as the roots for her continued success.

Red Bull, Frog, Independent, Bronson, Mob, Pro-Tec, OJ

Age 19 from Encinitas, CA, USA




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