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Mark Gonzales


If skateboarding had a Mount Rushmore, it features Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, and two sculptures of Mark Gonzales. His influence and contributions to modern street skating can only be compared to what Michael Jordan did for basketball. Mark is the GOAT. After forming Blind Skateboards in 1989, he eventually left his own creation, taking his skateboarding and artistic talents on a wild ride before starting Krooked Skateboards in 2002. Since then, MG’s skating, personality, and art have been the focal points of global campaigns with both adidas and Supreme. His paintings have been featured in galleries across the world, and the characters he has drawn into creation have gained notoriety through his collaborative efforts with friends such as Tom Sachs, Harmony Korine, and Spike Jonze. People love “The Gonz” so much, an art show was once curated out of the contents of his storage unit. A used toothbrush sold for $20. Gonz can skate, he can paint, and he can act, but when Mark is burnt out on those activities, his poetry books become a collector’s item the day they hit the shelves. When it comes down to it, Mark operates in his own world, and you either get it or you don’t. The ones that get it can just sit back, appreciate his genius, and let the influence continue for another 30 years.

Special Projects

  • Skatefolio
    • Skatefolio logged and organized every bit of Gonz footage online for the last four decades.
  • Mark Gonzales Coltureal Affairs - 2024
    • Franklin Parrash Gallery in NYC hosted a showing of older and newer works from Mark’s collection.
  • sacai x Gonz - 2024
    • Mark collaborated with Japanese luxury fashion brand sacai to create a unique collection.
  • National Museum of the American Latino - 2022
    • The Smithsonian officially recognized Mark as a culturally influential Latino. One of his skateboards will be on display in the Museum for the next several years. The opening of the collection celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Mark’s Brain” - 2022
    • Partnership with Shopify and director Daniel Yaro
    • Short movie created surrounding Mark’s skateboard from “Video Days,” the groundbreaking and historic video that changed skateboarding forever
    • Mark’s skateboard was auctioned and all proceeds were sent to The Salad Days of Skateboarding charity

Media Projects, Film, and Acting

Art Shows

Krooked, adidas, Spitfire, Independent, Supreme, Bones Bearings

Age 56 from New York City, NY, USA