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Cory Juneau


The abundance of skateparks in Southern California has influenced Cory Juneau's skating since day one. He has since grown up and proven himself to be one of the best young park terrain skaters of today. Cory has quickly become a fan favorite at the Vans Park Series, winning over skaters and spectators with his sarcastic wit, fluid style, and lofty frontside flips in the deep end. Cory is a key part of the Creature Skateboards team and has also earned a spot on the Vans roster. When he's not nose-grinding 10 blocks of pool coping, you can find Cory adding to his collection of gold chains, or building custom motorcycles with his father in North County, San Diego.

Flip, Golden Goose, Independent, RockStar, Modus Bearings, Shake Junt, Slappy's Garage

Age 24 from San Diego, CA, USA




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