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Tyson Bowerbank


Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Tyson Bowerbank is putting skateboarding on notice. After finding a board in the garage of a family friend, Tyson’s fate was decided at age seven. Nowadays, his ability to consistently flip in and out of almost any trick makes him a must-watch whenever he shows up at the spot. With a skate crew that includes superstars like Ishod Wair and Wes Kremer, Tyson is constantly being pushed to become one of the top skaters of his generation. Although he takes frequent trips to California for filming missions, Tyson still lives in his native Utah, where he takes advantage of his free time with snowboarding, hiking the mountains with his dog, Indy, and playing golf with his dad.

Thunder, Spitfire, Bones Swiss, 2 Cents Skateboards, FP Footwear, BC Surf & Sport

Age 29 from Salt Lake, UT, USA




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