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Jose Castillo - Leica Beast


Jose Castillo aka "Leica Beast" is a Florida-based photographer that has used his love of taking photos to gain an Instagram following of over 100k. Emerging from humble beginnings, Jose spent most of his teen years drawing and saving, until he could afford to buy the camera that his parents could not. Since that first camera, he has developed a style to showcase his love of fashion, women, toys, and skateboarding. If his Instagram was a college, Jose would have a PhD in Supreme, with minors in Jordan, Kaws, Medicom, and Calvin Klein. Don't expect to recognize him on the streets though, Jose never posts pictures of himself because he wants the public to recognize his work and not his face. With an undying drive to perfect his craft, it is no wonder why this young man is anonymously rising to the top of the underground's elite.


Age 0 from Tampa, FL, USA