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Chris Russell


Have you ever witnessed a one-man demolition derby? Then you have never seen the speed, power, and noise created on a skateboard by the one and only Chris Russell. Born in Hermosa Beach, California, Chris is a direct product of the skate/surf/punk rock scene that created iconic bands such as Black Flag and The Circle Jerks. At age 13, a chance meeting at the Combi Bowl with Darren Navarette led to him getting on Creature Skateboards, where he has stayed for the duration of his career while picking up sponsorships from Red Bull, Vans, and a long list of eclectic companies that include a beer brand and a pizza shop. When he’s not traveling the world destroying park terrain or backyard pools, Chris enjoys surfing, fine dining, and going camping with the boys.

Creature, S-One, Skeleton Key, ET Surf and Skate, Layback Beer, Smoker's Choice Papers, Pizzanista, Happy Hour, Bronson, Independent, OJ

Age 27 from Hermosa Beach, CA, USA




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