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The Nine Club


"The Nine Club is the show that has skaters talking." After premiering in June of 2016, this multi-format program has the entire skateboarding world looking forward to Mondays. Each week, host Chris Roberts, along with co-hosts Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart, sit down with a different personality to get the inside scoop on the guest’s personal experiences growing up and living life as a skateboarder. Guests usually include current and former pros, but they also incorporate filmers, photographers, team managers, company owners, and even pop-culture celebrities such as Lil’ Wayne and Ben Harper. With the addition of “The Nine Club Experience,” in December of 2017, the focus of this second show is current events, cementing The Nine Club’s status as the storytellers of skateboarding’s past and present. So sit back, tune in, and listen closely, as the oral history of wood and wheels is told each week through the eyes of someone who lived it.


Age 7 from Los Angeles, CA, USA