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Roman Pabich


If Roman Pabich isn’t on your radar yet, your radar is probably broken. This life-size Chucky Doll has been reigning terror over Southern California for a few years now. Originally from Ocean City, Maryland, Roman first went to California in 2014 on an RV trip with his dad and brother. When they got there, his dad didn’t feel like driving back, so the RV turned into the new family home. Years have passed since then, and now Roman is a fixture in the Vans Park Series, where he has earned himself the status of "select pro," impressing crowds with his unique bag of tricks and smooth style. When Roman isn’t skating, he likes to chill out with his three dogs, get a burger from his restaurant sponsor, “Grinders,” and play Black Ops III on his PS4.

UMA Landsleds, VANS, Independent, Furnace, Bronson, MOB, Spitfire

Age 22 from Ocean City, MD, USA




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