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Franky Villani


At first glance, you might not expect Franky Villani to be a world-class skateboarder for one of the hottest board brands in the world. But that is exactly what makes him special. Franky’s plus-size frame and introverted demeanor sneak up on you like the psycho-killers in his favorite horror movies. Then out of nowhere, this Santa Ana, California native will unleash a fury of crazy tricks on any spot you bring him to. Early on, Franky spent some time riding for Black Label, and then Zero, before being recruited to ride for Primitive Skateboards by Paul Rodriguez. Combine this with his existing support from New Balance Numeric and you have one of the most in-demand skaters in the industry. When Franky isn’t skating, you can find him searching for rare VHS tapes to add to his collection of 1980’s movies, creating custom-colored griptape for his skateboard, and eating spaghetti with his big Italian family.

Primitive, Spitfire, Thunder, Leftover Hardware, Garage Skateshop, New Balance Numeric, Bones Swiss, MOB Grip, Bumbag, Dickies, Loosey

Age 28 from Santa Ana, CA, USA




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