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Tate Carew


Barely a teenager, Tate Carew is living a skater’s dream! Growing up in Ocean Beach, California, there were always surf and skateboards around the house, so it was only natural that Tate would pick up a board at six-years-old. Interest in other sports would come and go, but the style and personalities of pros like Oskar Rozenberg and Ishod Wair were enough to keep Tate stoked on skateboarding for the long haul. After learning 540’s before kickflips, he realized park terrain suited him best and proved it by winning gold in the “Next X Park” division at X Games 2019. When he is home and not shredding his local skatepark, Tate unwinds by shooting hoops and taking a trip to his local In-N-Out.

Birdhouse, Independent, Bronson, Bones, Slappy's Garage, Mob, S1

Age 19 from San Diego, CA, USA




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