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Jake Wooten


The story of Jake Wooten starts in 2005, when his uncle took him to Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam, in hopes that he would get into motocross. It turns out, Jake was way more psyched on the skateboarding, and for his 5th birthday, he got his first skateboard. As Jake started to progress, Uncle Phillip quickly realized there wouldn’t be many opportunities available in their hometown of Gallatin, Tennessee, so they started traveling all over the south to skate at parks and destroy contests. These days, Jake lives in Southern California, and spends much of his time traveling with his teammates at Santa Cruz Skateboards, turning heads wherever he goes with his mind-blowing bag of tricks and explosive airs. After going pro in March of 2020, Jake’s unlimited drive was truly showcased by his video part titled “Santa Cruz.” When Jake isn’t out skating, you can find him in the kitchen, cooking up meals that coincide with his health-conscious lifestyle, with rap music blasting in the background.

Santa Cruz, Red Bull, etnies, Independent, OJ, Bronson, Mob, 6th Ave Skatepark

Age 24 from Gallatin, TN, USA




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