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Boo Johnson


Straight from the mountains of Tehachapi, California, feast your eyes on Boo Johnson. Born into a family of six kids, Boo was influenced early on by two of his brothers who also skated. But as one brother got into girls, and the other pursued basketball, Boo pushed forward with skateboarding. This led to him being added to the Element Skateboards team, with a mind-blowing part in the 2012 video, "Future/Nature." Not long after, he got a call from skate legend Stevie Williams, and found a new home as the face of DGK Skateboards. Boo is widely regarded as one of the most stylish skaters in the game, which has led to amazing opportunities in the modeling field. This introduction to fashion inspired him to start his own apparel label, "JHF." When he is not skateboarding, you can find Boo riding his bike or chilling with his French Bulldog, Smokie.

DGK, The Straye, Grizzly Grip, Ethika, Bones Swiss, Thunder, RAW Papers, JHF

Age 31 from Tehachepi, CA, USA




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