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Jake Yanko


Jake Yanko is a leading example of a kid that has all the right stuff to make it in skateboarding. Growing up in the east coast town of Melbourne, Florida, Jake was seven when his dad first stood him up on a board and pushed him down the driveway. After that, he was hooked and the next several years were spent shredding anything in his path. Now, at the brink of adulthood, Jake is quickly gaining fans after pulling off some crazy tricks at Park and Vert events around the world. This has led to support from the people at Welcome Skateboards and Vans. When Jake isn’t out skating, you can find him playing his guitar, watching South Park, or hanging out with his friends, eating chicken parmesan and some Ben N’ Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Welcome Skateboards, Monster Energy, Vans, Independent, Bronson, Mob, OJ, Stance, Resident Skateshop

Age 22 from Melbourne, FL, USA




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