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Jiro Platt


For most skaters a trip to New York City would be a dream, and living in the Lower East Side of Manhattan would be heaven. For Jiro Platt, this is the only home he has ever known, and growing up in the coolest city in the world has helped shape him into one of the raddest up-and-comers in the game. After spending many years being “the little kid at the contest that rips,” Jiro is growing up and quickly becoming “that guy on the podium.” Jiro includes Louie Lopez and Mark Suciu as a few of his favorite pros, and you can see their influence on him play out on the YouTube channel, “ExtraCrispyNYC,” where he is heavily featured. When Jiro isn’t skating, he likes to play guitar and hang out with his dog, all while enjoying a slice of classic NYC pizza.

Red Bull, Nike SB, Habitat, Volcom, Spitfire, Bones, Thunder, Jessup

Age 17 from New York City, NY, USA




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