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Sora Shirai


Not much is known about Japan’s Sora Shirai. It’s almost as if he was created in an experimental laboratory, and programmed only to skate. Do you need further proof? When asked about his childhood and how he started skateboarding, his reply was simply, “I don’t remember.” When further pressed, it was revealed that he has no knowledge of anything that happened before his Damn Am Japan victory in 2019. All he knows is that he likes hip-hop music, his favorite skater is Trent McClung, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch gets him pumped to destroy any spot in his path. And now that he is traveling the world with his teammates at Blind Skateboards, Sora is quickly becoming a silent threat to the streets of California as well as the international contest scene. Although he may not remember much from his past, his new position as one of Japan’s first Olympic skateboarders will provide experiences and opportunities this young man will never forget.

Nike SB, Blind, Grizzly Grip, Murasaki Sports

Age 22 from Kanagawa, Japan, Japan




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