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Filipe Mota


When you think of the greatest Brazilian skaters of all time, names like Rodrigo TX, Felipe Gustavo, and Luan Oliveira come to mind. Get ready to add a new name to that list, because Filipe Mota has arrived, and he is taking the skateboarding world by storm. Barely a teenager, Filipe is now planted in Los Angeles and attacking handrails with his uncanny ability to flip-in and flip-out of almost any trick he wants. Filipe is still learning English and not speaking much, but who needs words when your casual Instagram clips are on par with top pros' video part enders? If you happen to catch this kid at a session, sit down so you can bear witness to a future legend. It will be one of those times you tell your grandkids about.

Primitive Skateboards & Apparel, Erased, Monster Energy, Mob, Bones Bearings, Spitfire, Thunder, Nike SB

Age 17 from Minas Gerais, BRAZIL, Brazil




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