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Felipe Nunes


Calling Felipe Nunes an inspiration would be an understatement. Describing his journey as “miraculous” doesn’t do it justice. But in Felipe’s eyes, he is just another young man from Brazil trying to leave his mark in skateboarding. There is just one thing that is a little different about Felipe that separates him from the rest. At age six, Felipe had an accident involving a train that resulted in him losing both of his legs. After spending a few years bound to a wheelchair, a neighbor gave him a skateboard thinking he could use it as an easier way to get around. Little did Felipe know that this gift, combined with unwavering willpower, would change the course of his life forever. He figured out quickly that he enjoyed riding his board, and then slowly started learning tricks at the local skatepark. After gaining worldwide attention through his Instagram page, he was noticed by superstar Tony Hawk, who was so impressed by Felipe that he started to help him out with travel expenses so he could come to America and skate. Once here, the legend of Felipe grew as he attacked spots and earned the respect of every skater that crossed his path. After going pro for Birdhouse Skateboards, there are millions of skaters around the world that have now been inspired by Felipe’s story. He has surpassed the label of a “novelty act,” producing video parts and contest results on par with his able-bodied peers. When Felipe isn't skating, he enjoys spending time on the family farm, fishing, biking, and connecting with nature.

Birdhouse, Independent, Mob, Bronson, Ricta, Vans, Monster Energy, Banco de Brasil

Age 25 from Curitiba, Brazil, Brazil




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