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Myles Strampello


Even though Myles Strampello is barely a teenager, his resume reads like that of a seasoned veteran. It probably has something to do with the backyard ramp his father built for him and his brother when he was three. He hasn’t stopped skating since, and now that backyard has transformed from one ramp into a full skatepark. Although this has led to success in contests, Myles would prefer getting clips in the streets, as shown in the video “Summertime,” released by his crew, The Trenchkids. Myles doesn’t spend much time watching TV, but he has been featured in the YouTube program, “Camp Woodward,” and also co-starred in the 2018 cinematic release, “Concrete Kids.” Even with a full plate of skateboarding and acting in front of him, Myles still finds time to pursue other interests, such as gardening and surfing. For a young kid to have this much talent, along with the drive and motivation to see it all through, I have just one question. Is there anything Myles Strampello can’t do?

Hockey ,Vans, Former, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Bell Helmets, Grizzly Grip, Sycktrix, Arcade Belts, Trenchkids, Bones Love Milk, Ace

Age 18 from Huntington Beach, CA, USA




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