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Zion Effs


Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the future of skateboarding. Equipped with smooth style, a big smile, and a face made for television, young Zion Effs is already making an impact in his hometown of Miami, Florida, and beyond. What started as a push around the block on a random longboard, eventually led to Zion’s first real skateboard and constant trips to local skateparks. At the age of three, Zion began lessons with professional skateboarder Danny Fuenzalida, and the rest is history. Since then, Zion was featured on the “Camp Woodward” reality show, became the face of the Santa Cruz “Minions” team, and has recently started making his presence felt at top tier am contests. His favorite skater is Daewon Song, and it shows with Zion’s emphasis on technical tricks, as opposed to the standard moves you would see from a kid his age that was raised at a skatepark. In his free time, Zion takes care of hit pet snakes, enjoys old school gangster rap, and likes to fish off the dock in his backyard.

Baker, Cons skateboarding, Supreme, Mob, Venture, Bronson, Spitfire

Age 15 from Miami, FL, USA




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