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Trey Jones


If you threw a BMX bike, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Evil Knievel, and Jeff Spicoli into a blender, the end result would be Trey Jones. Although a combination of this magnitude sounds like folklore, once you meet Trey and see him ride a bike, it all makes perfect sense. His creativity, the gnarliness, and even his cut-off jean shorts, are all essential elements that make Trey one of the most exciting riders to watch wherever his tires take him. Riding since he was four-years-old, Trey picked up the craft from his dad, who raced BMX in the 80’s. These days, Trey is not only a top-tier BMX pro, he is also a major influencer in the DIY realm, filming entire video parts on his magical backyard creations that he personally builds. In 2017 Trey’s ideas became bigger than his backyard, and a multi-day celebration of BMX, DIY, and mud was created and aptly called “Swampfest.” On a day when Trey is not riding or building, you can usually find him in his famous man-cave, which holds his collection of vintage BMX parts, VHS tapes, posters, and pop-culture memorabilia.

Cult, Shadow, Vans

Age 31 from Longwood, FL, USA




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