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Dylan Jaeb


Dylan Jaeb is the new kid on the block that has the whole industry scrambling to get a piece of his pie. After seeing the Disney TV show “Zeke and Luther” as a child, Dylan spent much of his formative years filming himself skate flatground on his driveway in the small town of Kauai, Hawaii. He hadn’t even skated a ledge until he moved to San Diego with his family when he was 12. After that, the progression was rapid and Dylan was quickly scooped up by Zero Skateboards and DC Shoes. Regular appearances on The Berrics have also helped catapult this young phenom to the top of every team manager's wish list. Although Dylan is a total skate rat, when he is off the board he spends time playing basketball, picking up an acai bowl, and listening to some Orville Peck or Beach House at home with his friends.

Primitive, Spitfire, Thunder, Mob, Bronson, Dickies, Oasis

Age 20 from Kilauea, HI, USA




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