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Mikey Taylor


In the past, skateboarding was filled with cautionary tales of young kids going pro, making big money, and spending it all before realizing their career was over. Mikey Taylor is here to change that. With a professional skateboarding career spanning over 20 years behind him, Mikey witnessed at an early age the pitfalls associated with having money and no financial discipline. This led to him learning about saving, responsible spending, and also co-founding Saint Archer Brewing Company in 2012. After a multi-million dollar buyout from Molson/Coors in 2015, Mikey used his new status as an entrepreneur to co-found Commune Capital, a private equity firm whose goal is to create financial freedom through real estate investing. When that showed success, he decided to start revealing his money-related discoveries to his legion of Instagram followers that he gained as a professional skateboarder, while also earning an abundance of new followers on TikTok. Mikey’s easy-to-understand approach to finances has really taken off with a younger audience, and now he travels the country to speak and share his unique takes on personal economic growth, wealth management, and business building. Recently, Mikey added to his plate by becoming a City Councilman in his hometown of Thousand Oaks. In his free time, Mikey still enjoys skateboarding, but with an added emphasis on golfing and fatherhood, always making time to share the California lifestyle with his wife and four kids.

Sovrn, Thunder, Spitfire, Mob, Bones Bearings

Age 42 from Newbury Park, CA, USA




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