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Devin Flynn


Skateboarding is currently experiencing a surge of teenage rippers that excel on all terrain, and Devin Flynn is one of those kids that is leading the charge. Living 20 minutes from Philadelphia, this Oaklyn, New Jersey native can be seen at the Muni Building getting technical on the ledges, or at FDR Skatepark flying around the various transitions. Devin’s desire to be well-rounded is definitely inspired by his favorite skater and fellow New Jerseyan, Ishod Wair. As a part of the Santa Cruz “Minions” team and with the support of an array of other sponsors, Devin has developed his skills and is starting to shine at high-level contests around the country. When he’s not skating, Devin likes to hang out with his friends, eat Mexican food, and play video games.

Santa Cruz, Red Bull, etnies, OJ, Bronson, Mob, Independent, The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia, ALLIKNOWISGOON

Age 18 from Oaklyn, NJ, USA




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