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Ruby Lilley


With interests and a lifestyle off the board that is just as exciting as the tricks she does on one, Ruby Lilley is on her way to becoming one of the most dynamic women in skateboarding. Growing up in the world of ballet and competitive ballroom dancing, it wasn’t until she discovered the magic of the skatepark that Ruby figured out she preferred skateboarding with her brothers over pirouettes. With seven siblings that push each other at all times, it’s no wonder why Ruby has turned it up the last few years, resulting in her being noticed by the people at Vans and Monster Energy as well as other top brands. When Ruby isn’t destroying bowls and park terrain, you can probably find her either expressing herself musically and artistically, or listening to 80’s hip-hop while knitting and baking.

Vans, Foundation, Monster, Ace, Bronson, 187 Killer Pads, Triple 8, SoCal Skateshop, Mob, Bones Wheels, Dickies, Nixon

Age 17 from Oceanside, CA, USA




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