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Grace Marhoefer


Growing up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, kids learn to surf as soon as they can walk. Luckily for Grace Marhoefer, she saw a neighbor skateboarding in his driveway, signed up for skate camp, and fell in love. With Florida skaters like Fabiana Delfino to look up to, Grace hopes to follow that path of versatility, skating any terrain that crosses her path. After a string of injuries, Grace is finally back and gaining confidence, making the finals at the 2021 USA Skateboarding National Championships, her first major event since surgery. In her free time, Grace loves the beach as well as helping out her dad at his warehouse, where as she puts it, “He’s an engineer. I build lots of cool things with his heavy machinery.” She also loves pancakes and watching rom-coms.

Welcome, P448, Dickies, Spitfire, Monster, Triple 8, 187 Killer Pads, Bronson

Age 21 from Cocoa Beach, FL, USA




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