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Junior Gutierrez


Junior Gutierrez just might be one of the most intriguing young prospects in the game. He simply exudes coolness. While the entire skate world was fixated on the Olympics, Junior got busy dying his hair pink and attacking legendary spots like Hollywood High, while taking slams that would make the typical young teenager run straight home to mommy. Junior says he was raised a skater, with his dad always bringing him around to the local park and shop, but that doesn’t mean he has a one-track mind. When he’s not on his skateboard, Junior enjoys riding dirt bikes and snowboarding, while also working hard to further his blossoming career as a model and actor.

Media Highlights

Nike SB, Guess, King, 88 Skate Supply, Thunder, Spitfire, Mob, Bronson

Age 13 from Los Angeles, CA, USA




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