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Christian Henry


Christian Henry is the newest example of a young man from Florida making a name for himself in skateboarding. After learning to roll from his older brother and their neighbor, Christian took to the streets and developed the skills necessary to warrant a move out west. Now settled in North Hills, California, Christian spent some time with the Baker Boys before finding a permanent home with Real Skateboards and Vans. He says his favorite skaters are Grant Taylor, Erik Ellington, and Ishod Wair. After watching him skate, you can see their influence in his powerful yet casual approach to a diverse selection of street spots around L.A. and his two favorite places, San Francisco and New York City. Christian enjoys exploring new cities and keeps up with trends in fashion. When asked about his goals, Christian humbly answered, “I just want to be able to help out my family and give back to the ones that have taken care of me along the way.”

Real, Dickies, Shake Junt, Spitfire, Thunder

Age 26 from Margate, FL, USA




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