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Keegan Palmer


For young Australian Keegan Palmer, a world of opportunity is about to open up. After first being noticed at the inaugural Vans Park Series event in Melbourne in 2016, Keegan was nicknamed “The Fidget Spinner,“ due to his unwavering energy and ability to gracefully link difficult airs together through the entire course. Now on the world stage, Keegan has a few new nicknames like “Champ” and “Goldenboy,” after shocking the world and taking first place in Park Skateboarding’s Olympic debut. So what does an Olympic gold medalist do when he is not training to be the best in the world? In his off time, Keegan loves to surf, play video games, and kick it with the homies.

Primitive, Bronson, Oakley, Mob, Bones Wheels, Independent, Pho3nix Foundation

Age 21 from Currumbin, AUSTRALIA, Australia




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