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Tre Williams


When Paul Rodriguez adds someone to his Primitive Skateboards brand, people take notice. In 2018, the skate-world was officially introduced to Tre Williams and was immediately taken aback by his tech mastery and casual coolness while skating big rails in his “Welcome to Primitive” video part. Originally from Riverside, California, Tre credits confusion when asked about how he started skateboarding. “I asked my dad for a skateboard, but I really wanted a Tech Deck and just didn’t know what they were called.” It’s crazy how a simple mix-up of words can change the life of a young kid. These days, Tre is maintaining his elite status over at Primitive, while also being added to the eclectic roster at New Balance Numeric. When not skating, Tre fills his time with basketball, movies, and books. He would also like to tell the world that he knows he looks mean, but just say “what’s up” to him and you’ll find out that he is actually a big sweetheart.

Primitive, New Balance Numeric, Spitfire, Independent, RVCA, Active Riverside, Stance, Glassy, Bronson, Mob, Talk Hardware, Autumn Headwear

Age 29 from Riverside, CA, USA




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