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Yuri Facchini


Hailing from the magical land of Brazil, Yuri Facchini is a rare gem that never disappoints when his footage drops. Although his technical prowess on a ledge is undeniable, it’s his Tom Penny inspired kickflip-shifty that makes any onlooker’s eyes flutter. While currently riding for Almost Skateboards, Yuri hasn’t forgotten about his squad back home, regularly releasing content for his homie-ran brand TROPICALIENTS. Recently, Yuri joined fellow pro Robert Neal on the freshly formed team at StockX. When asked about food, Yuri says that he enjoys sushi while maintaining that Brazilian food is the best. Even though he has many accomplishments in skateboarding, Yuri is most proud of being able to take care of his family and live a happy, healthy life through his greatest passion.

Almost, Independent, Bones Bearings, Shake Junt, Happy Hour, Ricta, StockX

Age 28 from Colombo, Brazil, Brazil




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