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Mark Rivard


Mark Rivard is a man that sums up his life with one simple statement: Do Rad Things. Whether it be in the studio, the skatepark, the kitchen, or the classroom, Mark has carved out a place for himself to educate and empower the youth of his Minneapolis, Minnesota home and beyond. His drive to inspire led him to creating the “Do Rad Things” organization, a program that houses his efforts in educating kids in art, skateboarding, and the wonders of culinary arts and entrepreneurship. Using skateboards as the canvas and cultural hook, Mark's unique path into his own career successes highlight the advantages of thinking big. With a message of teaching children to make their daydreams their day jobs, it’s no surprise Mark’s personal interests of skateboarding, art, and good food have directly led to him leaving something beautiful behind for the next generation of dreamers.

Sharpie, US Air Force, ESPN/ X Games, Red Bull, US Bank, Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport

Age 42 from Minneapolis, MN, USA