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Reef Orlando


If there are still skaters out there who think vert is dead, then they have obviously never seen the skating of Reef Orlando. Born in Costa Rica, his dad actually wanted him to surf, hence the beach-themed name. However, any attempt to bring Reef into the ocean was thwarted the day he stepped on his first skateboard. After that, it was skateparks and vert ramps until his dad gave in and built him a ramp of his own in their backyard. Reef isn’t just your average skater, he is a student of the game who loves watching old video parts from the likes of Bob Burnquist, Colin McKay, and Bucky Lasek to inspire his constant search for new trick ideas. As vert skating goes through its current resurgence, Reef’s hard work is starting to pay off with strong showings at global vert events. In his free time, Reef enjoys mini golf, bowling, and waiting anxiously for the next Marvel movie release.

187 Killer Pads, Triple 8 Helmets, Ocala Skateshop

Age 19 from Jupiter, FL, USA




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