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Gabe Vigliotti


If you are seeking out a skater that is on the cusp of a huge breakout, look no further than Ohio’s Gabe Vigliotti. Known to many by his childhood nickname, “Minnow,” this previously small fish is now fully grown and ready to start swimming with the sharks.Fresh off some big finishes at major contests, Gabe credits his recent success to his constant pursuit of learning new tricks and perfecting old ones. Much like his favorite skater Ishod Wair, Gabe has a growing interest in fashion. This has led to him learning to sew and tailoring all of his thrifted threads to his exact measurements. When he is not skating or sewing, Gabe enjoys eating pizza and playing video games with his friends.

Deathwish Skateboards, Vans, Spitfire, Mob, Thunder, Bronson

Age 18 from Youngstown, OH, USA




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