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Jimmy Wilkins


Jimmy Wilkins is the only name that matters in current vert skateboarding. His effortless style and always-expanding trick selection is a perfect combination of high-flying mastery and technical wizardry. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Jimmy owes his discovery of skateboarding to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game. Like many from his generation, THPS cemented skateboarding into his brain and injected it into his soul. Now he is a seasoned veteran with countless X Games Medals in his trophy case, yet Jimmy stays humble in regards to his success. When asked about his accomplishments, Jimmy said, “I think just being in the mix feels like an accomplishment. I never planned on skating professionally, so I’m just happy to be here.” This laid back attitude just adds to his growing legacy, which is why Jimmy was recently added to the iconic team at Real Skateboards. When Jimmy isn’t skating, he likes spending his time playing chess or pickleball, while eagerly awaiting his weekly trips to Shake Shack for a cheeseburger.

Real, Rockstar, Thunder, Spitfire, Lakai, Pro-Tec, Mob

Age 30 from Columbus, OH, USA




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