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Noah Pollard


Fresh from the beaches of Lake Worth, Florida, Noah Pollard has arrived to lead the next generation of young talent out of the Sunshine State. After getting a board from his cousin when he was seven-years-old, Noah immediately fell in love and quickly progressed into a fearless beast. Often seen with his best friend Zion Effs, these two have been putting in work on the streets and are now seen as the future of the Baker Boys camp. When asked about this, Noah says that the stamp of approval from Andrew Reynolds and his spot on the Deathwish Skateboards roster is his greatest accomplishment so far in skateboarding. With many years ahead of him, Noah is well aware that the work isn’t done yet, but with his drive and potential, he knows a successful career is certainly in his future. When not skating, Noah likes to play mobile games, fish, and eat sushi.

Deathwish, Vans, Shred Shed, Vice Skate Co, Spitfire, Thunder

Age 18 from Lake Worth, FL, USA




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