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Alex Sorgente


Alex Sorgente is an Italian powerhouse from South Florida with danger in his blood. His father was a professional jet-ski racer, so when Alex first picked up a skateboard, he was naturally interested in going fast. He also learned with speed, winning the Juniors Division of the Quicksilver Bowlriders contest at just eight years old. Since then, he has been busy traveling the world and picking up victories at events such as Vans Park Series and X Games. Don’t mark Alex off as solely a park-terrain skater, though. He has fellow pros Jamie Foy and Zion Wright for roommates, and regularly joins them to session some of the gnarliest handrails in Southern California. In between trips, Alex likes to unwind with either a day of surfing or riding dirt bikes.

Disorder, adidas, Red Bull, Spitfire, Bronson, MOB, Independent, Oakley, Grind for Life

Age 26 from Lake Worth, USA, USA




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