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Joey Brezinski


Joey is a long-time master of one of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding, the manual. By combining this trick with an infinite number of variations and combinations, Joey has earned a huge social media following and a devoted fan base. Joey learned early on that a skateboarding career needs constant attention and work to stay at the top. He created Manny Mania for long-time sponsor, Red Bull. That global contest series had a 10-plus year run, and Joey parlayed it nicely into his newest contest creation, Wheelie Dope, which happens to be supported by the company he founded and operates, Andale Bearings. When Joey isn’t filming clips to post to Instagram, you can find him hanging with his dog, Pizza the Pug, who has more followers than most pro skateboarders.

Red Bull, Footprint Insoles, Diamond, Grizzly, Val Surf, Andale Bearings, Autobahn, Tensor, Team Burrito, Audi, Helas Caps, Ollo Clip, Visual Skateboards

Age 44 from Venice, CA, USA




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