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Zered Bassett


Zered Bassett is the crown jewel of East Coast Skateboarding. A product of Chatham, Massachusetts, Zered’s childhood was comprised of mainly hockey, until a teammate showed up to practice one day with a skateboard. After that, the ice skates got traded in for skate shoes and the rest is history. Desperate for a better scene than his small hometown could provide, at age 15 Zered started venturing out to Boston, and eventually New York City, where he would stay with legendary New Yorkers like Jeff Pang, Todd Jordan, and the late Harold Hunter. From there, it wasn’t long before Zered became a part of the iconic Zoo York brand, which he called home for many years. Now a member of the Alltimers Skateboards team, Zered is still producing top notch footage while releasing custom signature colorways through the Converse CONS skate program. When he is not out pushing the boundaries of switch-stance skating, Zered pursues his passion for photography while finding time to hang out with his long-time girlfriend, Jenna, and his dog, Mr. T.

Converse, Alltimers, Tensor, Mob Grip, Hardluck, Spitfire

Age 39 from NYC, NY, USA




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