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Torey Pudwill


When it comes to accomplishments in professional skateboarding, you would have to look very hard to find someone with more accolades than Torey Pudwill. Hailing from Simi Valley, California, Torey grew up at the famous Skatelab, where he still holds the record for most accident reports. During his formative teenage years, Torey founded Grizzly Grip from his bedroom. After debuting in Shorty's “How To Go Pro” video in 2005, Torey started an incredible run of amazing video parts for companies like Almost, Plan B, Red Bull, and DVS. During this timeframe, he also won Tampa Pro and received the “Street Skater of the Year” Award from Transworld Skateboarding. After leaving Plan B, Torey teamed up with legend Daewon Song and founded yet another brand, the Thank You Skate Co. With two companies and a pro career to manage, it’s no surprise that Torey lists work as one of his favorite hobbies, along with spending time with his wife.

Thank You, Grizzly, Red Bull, Venture, Tech Deck, P448

Age 34 from Simi Valley, CA, USA




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