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Jamie Foy


If you’re from Florida, you know that Jamie Foy has been ripping the streets of the Sunshine State for as long as he’s been on a skateboard. But when he made the move from Deerfield Beach to Long Beach in 2016, the rest of the skate world got introduced to a legend in the making. Known for his work ethic and willingness to throw himself down any spot in his path, it didn’t take long for Jamie to get picked up by Red Bull and Diamond Footwear. The next sponsor in line was Deathwish, and after going pro and being named Thrasher’s Skater of the Year in 2017, a switch to New Balance Numeric and a new home at Dickies Clothing made perfect sense. Loved and respected by all that meet him, Jamie Foy has established himself as a good-hearted workhorse that loves nothing more than skating with the homies and winding down the day with some Chick-Fil-A.

New Balance Numeric, Deathwish, Red Bull, Spitfire, CCS, Island Water Sports, Thunder, Shake Junt, Dickies, Bronson, MOR

Age 28 from Deerfield Beach, FL, USA




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