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CJ Collins


Born in the city of Orange and raised in Anaheim, California, CJ Collins’ skills on a skateboard are shocking. His trick selection and cool factor is so mature that it’s uncanny. The Skateboard Mag put it best: “He is one of those kids that fall into the category of “gifted skateboarders” to the likes of the legends Danny Way, Guy Mariano, Tony Hawk, and Grant Taylor who were all discovered at a young age.” CJ was born into a punk rock open-minded family, picked up a skateboard at age five, and it was on. His father, a musician and skater himself, supports CJ’s passion for ripping unconditionally, and says, “I found out about Vans, so I dropped CJ off almost every day as an alternative for cheap daycare.” Now it all makes sense.

Vans, Toy Machine, Volcom, Red Bull, Pharmacy, Bronson, Independent, Bones Wheels

Age 20 from Anaheim, CA, USA




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