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Shane O'Neill


When Shane O'Neill skates, the world stops and watches. Whether it be an Instagram clip, a contest, or one of his mind-melting video parts, this Melbourne, Australia native has been making jaws drop ever since he picked up his first sponsor at the age of 13. Now residing in Southern California, Shane is living the American dream. As a member of the Nike SB team, Shane earned victories at Tampa Pro and various SLS events around the world. Recently, Shane decided to start his own company, and April Skateboards was born. Not one to forget his roots, Shane has opened his guest house to teammates and fellow Australians trying to make the jump over from The Land Down Under. When he's not skating, Shane likes hanging out with his daughter, playing video games, and hustling his friends at the local pool hall.

April, Nike SB, Thunder, Spitfire, Diamond

Age 34 from Melbourne, Australia, Australia




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