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Felipe Gustavo


We have all heard the story about Felipe. His dad sold the family car to buy plane tickets to Tampa Am in 2007. They showed up unannounced, begged to gain entry, and Felipe proceeded to win the contest. That was just the beginning for this unknown kid from Brasilia, Brazil. Not speaking a word of English at the time, Felipe had to make his skating do all the talking. Once he became fluent, his charismatic personality shined through. Coming from nothing and rising to the top has kept Felipe humble while he acquired some of the most elite sponsors in skateboarding. When he is not on his board, Felipe is all about eating healthy and working out, with The Notorious BIG blasting in his headphones.

adidas, Red Bull, Plan B, Venture, Bones Wheels, MOB, Tech Deck, Therabody

Age 33 from Brasilia, Brazil, Brazil




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